Afterschool Football Rules…


  1. No child may turn up at the start of a new term if fees have not been received for that session.
  2. If your child is absent when letters are given out at the end of term you must confirm during the holidays whether or not they are returning.
  3. No reminders are given for classes not taking place e.g. in-service days. (Class dates are available to download on the website).
  4. Any child continually misbehaving will be asked to leave. No money will be returned.
  5. Parents or other children are not permitted to stay inside the hall during the class. (Parents are allowed in the Tiny Tots class, but no other children may stay).
  6. If classes are cancelled due to illness, or bad weather, a free class will be given the following term.
  7. All parents/guardians attending all community centres must remain in the centre for the duration of the class.
  8. No food is allowed to be eaten during the lesson.
  9. All children attending Kingswells Community Centre classes must be members of the centre.
  10. Children taking toys or jewellery to class do so at their own risk.
  11. No refunds are given.
  12. Photos are taken for Facebook. If you do not want your child to be photographed you must let it be known when you first join.
  13. No photos or videos may be taken without permission from Alison McLeod.
  14. While all due care and attention is taken Alison McLeod After School Football cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries.

Kingswells Community Centre

Airyhall Community Centre